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Nicole Jean Turner is an artist from New England with an affinity for vignettes, napping outdoors, and conversations that confront the human condition. She writes in cursive to hide the butchered spelling that would otherwise raise suspicion about her master’s degree in writing. She is fascinated by romance, conspiracy, and the avant-garde.

NJ has spent over ten years building a career based in IT, and over five years in professional writing and publishing. She completed her master’s degree in writing at 21-years-old. Before that, a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, fine art, and writing, and a technical certificate in computer programming and web development. She currently specializes in technical documentation for a leading industry consortium full time.

NJ has been published by over a dozen presses since 2012 and has authored two paperback poetry books: With Only Which She Could Carry: a poetry collection (UWA, 2020) and a limited-print reader-funded chapbook, Coffee Stout and Rain Water (GFM, 2017). WOWSCC is available everywhere books are sold.

No matter what Spell Check and Grammar Check say there is no perfect formula in writing. More often it’s what you do ‘wrong’ that gives you a voice.”

— Chuck Palahniuk on creating the ‘Writing Wrong’ workshop.
'to nicole- thank you for being an excellent writer - chuck

In January of 2017, NJ dropped everything she knew to move across the country following an invitation to a workshop led by New York Time’s best-selling author, Chuck Palahniuk. The legacy reinvention of Tom Spanbauer’s ‘Dangerous Writing’ group was initially dubbed ‘Writing Wrong’ then later restructured as ‘The Lie Factory’ and takes residence in Portland, Oregon. The focus: minimalist transgressive short story writing. NJ worked with this group until June 2020.

Prior to this endeavor, NJ wrote poetry exclusively. At the workshop table though she found her voice in storytelling, and has continued on to apply and enroll in other subsequent workshops since. NJ now lives and works full time from her home office just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. In the snowy northeastern city, she now leads her own workshop for writers to echo the legacy of these groups.

…Page to Stage Experience

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NJ is an advocate for community non-profits and local artist support systems. She has provided professional grade services for art-trade or at reduced charge to local artists and small businesses facing financial hardship since 2015. NJ’s home is filled with dozens of paintings she’s bought from the artists she’s met and worked with.

NJ has performed her poetry and hung her art in galleries around the country. She has main-stage featured at nationally recognized shows such as The Dirty Gerund, Wordlights, Witch City Slam, Mic The Poet’s Open House, and Top Floor. Her words have also been shared on stage with Nova PDX, Comedy vs. Tragedy, The Underground Poetry Spot, Slamlandia, Wits End Poetry, and more.