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Fascinated by romance, conspiracy, and the avant-garde, poetry is her first love but Nicole Jean (Nic Jean) Turner works in arts of many media. She has spent over ten years building a career based in technology, and over five years in professional writing and publishing. These two industries often overlap at digital media, placing her in the perfect position to not just write and edit a manuscript but then also tailor the content to the right search algorithms, publicize a digital footprint, and more.

NJ completed her master’s degree in writing at 21-years-old. Before that, a technical certificate in computer programming and web development. She currently specializes full time in technical documentation for a leading industry consortium. On the side, she seeks design and editorial projects to collaborate with her own art. She’s worked with major publishers, subsidiaries, non-profits, filmmakers, visual artists, record labels, acclaimed international musicians, small businesses, poets, painters, and both fiction and nonfiction anthology writers. Her approach to every project starts with understanding the individual behind its inception, then on bringing to life the best version of it possible together. Clear communication, prompt and established turn around assured.


No matter what Spell Check and Grammar Check say there is no perfect formula in writing. More often it’s what you do ‘wrong’ that gives you a voice.”

— Chuck Palahniuk on creating the ‘Writing Wrong’ workshop.

In January of 2017, NJ dropped everything she knew to move across the country following an invitation to a workshop led by New York Time’s best-selling author, Chuck Palahniuk. The legacy reinvention of Tom Spanbauer’s ‘Dangerous Writing’ group was initially dubbed ‘Writing Wrong’ then later restructured as ‘The Lie Factory.’ The focus: minimalist transgressive short story writing. Prior to this endeavor, NJ wrote poetry exclusively. At the workshop table though she found her voice in storytelling, and continued on to apply and enroll in other subsequent workshops since. NJ has traveled back and forth some and remains in exchange of works-in-progress with fellow students of the group online, but now works full time from her home office just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

…Page to Stage Experience

NJ is an advocate non-profits such as the Editorial Freelance Association and NaNoWriMo. She’s a major supporter of local artists and printers, and does her best to work with them whenever possible.

In-between tech school and graduate studies, NJ achieved an undergraduate degree in art, writing, and philosophy in upstate New York. Since that path of study, she has performed her poetry and hung her art in galleries around the country.

NJ has mainstage featured at The Dirty Gerund, Witch City Slam, Mic The Poet’s Open House, and Top Floor. Her words have also been shared on stage with The Underground Poetry Spot, Slamlandia, Wits End Poetry, and more. NJ’s been published consecutively by over a dozen presses since 2012. She has awards in writing, art, and technology. NJ has authored one limited-release crowdfunded chapbook (2017), and has a full-length poetry collection forthcoming publication from the non-profit Underground Writers Association of Maine (2020).

NJ has never taken on a project without deep diving into the resources available and attributes her successes to this method. In college to support her dreams to be a writer, she became a seamstress in a theatrical costume shop for only $7 an hour; NJ holds that long-sought writer title today but sews her own clothing still.

You can browse her portfolio of art, organized by type, at the top of this website. Her poetry, list of published works, photography, and web/graphic design are all in the main menu above. An artist’s statement is provided as well. Her full CV is best viewed in LinkedIn for complete detail, but a shorthand resume is available for download with this link.

If you are interested in collaborating with NJ on a piece of art, please send an inquiry email with a sample (no more than 1500 words, please) of your work to NJTPoet@GMail.