Hi there. I’m Nic and I make things.
But you probably already know that, why else would you be here?

This site has taken a variety of roles the past several years, but most of all I used it as a bustling freelancer. I’ve been a full time developer for over a year now, so it’s kind of like having a house with an extra room that you don’t know how to fill. I could throw a bunch of knickknacks in here, hunt garage sales for new ideas, but I think my online footprint is big enough. You’re still reading, which leads me to believe you’re probably looking for my latest writing. Click the onward button below for that. If you’re looking for the older clips I kept on this site, you can find them in the archives. If you’re looking for me in person, best to stalk my social media…b
ut uh…. please don’t… that’s creepy. 


Onward, to the good stuff ->