Storytelling through poetry

Nicole Jean Turner is an artist from New England with an affinity for vignettes, napping outdoors, and conversations that confront the human condition. She writes in cursive to hide the butchered spelling that would otherwise raise suspicion about her master’s degree in writing. She is fascinated by romance, conspiracy, and the avant-garde.

Known to many as simply, Nic, her distinctively accessible verse is influenced by minimalist literary fiction writers like Amy Hempel and American poets like Billy Collins, Patrick Lawler, and Tracy K. Smith. With every poem, she intends to tell a story about the people in her life. If you look closely, you too might find yourself in-between the lines.

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Nic has written professionally for regional market publishers, global information technology consortia, non-profits, multi-national corporations, filmmakers, artists, indie record labels, acclaimed international musicians, small businesses, corporations, and along side New York Times’ best-selling authors. She holds the terminal degree for her field and is continuously enrolled in education programs for additional certificates & credentials as an educator and IT professional.

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No matter what Spell Check and Grammar Check say there is no perfect formula in writing. More often it’s what you do ‘wrong’ that gives you a voice.”


From 2017 to 2020, Nic regularly met with a small group of writers in Portland, Oregon, to learn and attempt to master minimalist transgressive storytelling from one of the genre’s best known authors. Chuck Palahniuk’s legacy reinvention of his mentor, Tom Spanbauer’s ‘Dangerous Writing’ group, was initially known as the ‘Writing Wrong’ class at The Attic Institute of Arts and Letters on Hawthorne. It later expanded into ‘The Lie Factory’ at the Corporeal Writing Center, and these days, it has taken on a new form with hours open to the public. Learn about Chuck’s Study Hall here. Nic highly recommends attending if you are local to the PNW.

Nic has since lived in New England, close to where she grew up. In the snowy northeastern region, she has led her own minimalist writing workshop for local writers to echo the legacy of these groups.

note reads: 'to Nicole- thank you for being an excellent writer - chuck

Nic has published individual works of poetry and fiction with over two dozen presses since 2012. Her books, With Only Which She Could Carry: a poetry collection (UWA, 2020), the limited-print reader-funded chapbook, Coffee Stout and Rain Water (GFM, 2017), and a special Kindle chapbook Snails & Elephants (2020) which reached Amazon’s top ten poetry books, have sold worldwide. She is an active member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, The Writers Loft, and The MetroWest Writers’ Guild.

Nic has read for nationally recognized shows such as Burnt Tongue, The Dirty Gerund, Wordlights, Shady Pines Radio, Voicemail Poetry, Witch City Slam, Mic The Poet’s Open House, and Top Floor. Her words have also been shared on stage with Nova PDX, Comedy vs. Tragedy, The Underground Poetry Spot, Slamlandia, Wits End Poetry, and more. Nic has also guest-lectured on the topic of writing at the Western Connecticut State University MFA Summer Residency, Regis College & Lesley University.