By the eyes, mouth, and hands, create.

A seamstress in a theater, an actress in clinical collaboration with medical students and doctors, both former avenues of creativity. Fascinated by romance, conspiracy, and the avant-garde. Poetry is her first love. Drawing and photography are outlets for cultivating inspiration. Storytelling, well for that she’s got a mouth full of words inked into the crux of her arm.

Nicole Jean (Nic Jean) Turner is an artist, raised in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts. New York Time’s best selling author, Chuck Palahniuk, created a special writing workshop to carry on the legacy of Tom Spanbauer’s Dangerous Writing group, which she was twice selected for from hundreds of applicants—first for the initial group (‘Writing Wrong’), and then again for the restructured second run (‘The Lie Factory’). NJ has shared this workshop table with other major writers such as Lidia Yuknavitch, Scott Allie, and Suzy Vitello.

No matter what Spell Check and Grammar Check say there is no perfect formula in writing. More often it’s what you do “wrong” that gives you a voice. 

— Chuck Palahniuk on creating the ‘Writing Wrong’ workshop.

The workshop group met weekly in Portland, Oregon, first in an attic and then in a downtown collaboration space. NJ left Boston for two years to be with this group; it is where she fell in love with the art of storytelling. When she left Oregon, at a farewell gathering, her workshop colleagues decided to restart the group a third time on their own in the music studio of a group member; NJ has since connected with fellow east-coast alumni of the initial group to carry on their workshopping outside of the city.

Her passion for art translates across her portfolio into a career in web and graphic design.


NJ completed her master’s degree in writing at 21-years-old. She also has a technical education in computer programming and web development, which laid the groundwork for her 10+ year IT career, that started with freelance web design in 2008. She currently specializes in technical documentation for industry consortium, The Open Group, and takes on the occasional graphic design (or editorial) project in her spare time. She’s worked with major publishers, subsidiaries, non-profits, filmmakers, visual artists, record labels, acclaimed international musicians, small businesses, poets, and both fiction and nonfiction anthology writers.
In-between tech school and graduate studies, NJ achieved an undergraduate degree in art, writing, and philosophy in upstate New York. Since beginning that path of study, she has performed her poetry and hung her art in galleries around the country.
NJ has mainstage featured at The Dirty Gerund, Witch City Slam, Mic The Poet’s Open House, and Top Floor. Her words have also been shared on stage with The Underground Poetry Spot, Slamlandia, Wits End Poetry, and more. NJ’s been published consecutively by over a dozen presses since 2012. She has also won awards in the fields of writing, art, and technology.


NJ is an elbow-deep hands-on type individual. All of her pursuits, from poetry to painting, she has spent hundreds of hours improving. She has worked as an editor for different types of publications, and in that found a love for typesetting and book design. She was once a seamstress in a theatrical costume shop, and in that found a love for the possibilities in synthetic hair. NJ has never taken on a project without deep diving into the resources available and attributes her success to this method. She has hiked mountains for photographs and left concerts covered in mud and whatever else just to get the shot.

Cross dominant like her grandmother, she shoots apples with her bow lefty and sketches righty. She loves loud and fast rock n roll and writes the same way.

The words on her arm are from Poe and Palahniuk. Poe’s epigraph from his first poetry book, and an affirmation from Palahniuk.