Art across the web

Portfolios of my artwork are located on various platforms designed for their respective industries.

Use this page to navigate away from my website to check out my photography, digital design, and free-to-subscribe poetry journal.


Click the image to launch the respective portfolio. This will open a different website in a new tab.

Photography Portfolio

Head-turner Photography was born in 2012 as a brand to my work and passion for shooting “head turning” photos; my photos have since evolved from still life in the backyard to newspaper covers, magazine pages, and promotional materials for all types of artists.

I’ve shot weddings, private events, sports games, award shows, concerts, portraits, architecture, urban decay, on top of mountains, in marshlands and in old-growth forests. To get some shots myself and my gear have been covered in sweat, beer, mud, sand, and bird droppings.

Digital Design Portfolio

Since my first freelance web development hire for a nursing school in 2010, I have been designing websites, products, advertisements, and more. This portfolio showcases a small sample of the work I have done over the years.

I now provide professional grade services for art-trade or free of charge to local artists and small businesses facing financial hardship. If you are a non-profit or an artist facing hardship whom I could help with my experience in digital media and publishing, please do not hesitate to reach out and discuss.

Poetry Portfolio

I have been posting some of my poems to a blog since 2012, which you can read and subscribe to for free: