With Only Which She Could Carry: a poetry collection

Grand prize winner of the 2019 UWA book contest, With Only Which She Could Carry is a collection of poems chronicling transient characters trying to establish lives in multiple spaces at the same time, existing everywhere and nowhere at once. The author invites you to read, consider, and imagine a life lived out of terminals, stations, and the ether. Consider the motions of a life pressed through these turnstiles and what shapes might be formed of you from it. Consider what you might take and leave behind.

Whether it’s how the higher education system has left the entertainer disillusioned on the path to self discovery, or the way wonders of the unknown ripple through the wayfarer in solitude, the stories woven between these poems share a heart. A nuanced look at life in limbo.

ISBN: 9780578637174

Publication date: Feb 25 2020

On sale: March 4 2020

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The collection will be available anywhere books are sold, but the publisher gently encourages all online orders are placed through IndieBound, a partner of the American Booksellers Association that keeps small bookstores in business and indie publishers like UWA thriving.

Additionally, please consider asking a book shop in your area to order the book for you; by ordering through a brick and mortar, that store receives a share of profit from the sale, helping keep them in business and bookstores in our communities. 

Underground Writers Association is an indie non-profit dedicated to making big splashes and bringing bold book projects into the literary world. 


Published by Nic Jean

Nicole Jean Turner is an artist from New England with an affinity for vignettes, napping outdoors, and conversations that confront the human condition. She writes in cursive to hide the butchered spelling that would otherwise raise suspicion about her master’s degree in writing.

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