BOOK: Hardcover Edition of With Only

My poetry collection, With Only Which She Could Carry, is now available in hard cover! You can get a copy of this special edition wherever you prefer to purchase books, including directly from me.

Yes! This is a double announcement, sharing both the news of the hardcover edition and news that I now have an online store front on my website, where you can buy signed copies of my books directly from me.

When you choose to shop somewhere like Amazon, sometimes you get a deal (they control discounts since they can afford to make less) and two day shipping (the warehouses are everywhere now.) When you buy directly from an author, publisher, or even your local independent bookstore, you’re putting food on someone’s table, gifts in someones stocking, and making a small but mighty protest against billionaire corporations. I may never be rich dying on this hill, but it’s where I want to be. Shop local, shop, shop like your not just buying a gift for someone else, but also giving a gift to the small business or artist you’re buying from. I can guarantee it means the world to them.