Art across the web

So she’s a poet and a storyteller and painter and photographer and (…); an artist.

I like to make things. Many of those things have ended up all over the Internet, some buried in accounts I can’t access anymore, others a simple Google search away.

Use this page to navigate away from my website to check out my various artistic endeavors.


Though I consider myself a hobbiest now, “Head-turner Photography” was born in 2012 as a brand to my work and passion for shooting “head turning” photos; my photos have since evolved from still life in the backyard to newspaper covers, magazine pages, and promotional materials for all types of artists.

I’ve shot weddings, private events, sports games, award shows, concerts, portraits, architecture, urban decay, on top of mountains, in marshlands and in old-growth forests. To get some shots myself and my gear have been covered in sweat, beer, mud, sand, and bird droppings. If you’re looking to hire a photographer in MA I would be more than happy to point you in the direction of some great folks around the area.

Outside of my professional work in graphic design, I like working with mixed media, charcoal, alcohol ink pens, and my Intous Pro for digital art. I also love to paint minis for board games!

In college I had two minors; one in creative writing and one in fine art. The school had (has?) a really small building for the art classes out behind one of the main lecture halls, and I spent most of my senior year in it. Over the years since then I’ve included pieces in juried and non-juried art shows at galleries in MA and NY, and won a few prizes. Some day I’d like to illustrate a friend’s book cover.

Poetry Portfolio

I have been posting poems to a personal journal on occasion for a little over 7 years, which you can read and subscribe to for free. Some of the work posted there can be found nowhere else.