Artist’s Statement

I have many qualms with how we all overshare details about our personal selves through the Internet.
I’ve had my identity stolen and bank account compromised, so I can only imagine what else is out there that I’ve lost track or control of. It’s all this beautiful train wreck; both a liberating interconnected extension of self and a giant vacuum of noise completely devoid of privacy.
I like to make things though, specifically I like to make things for people that we can share some sense of meaning in.
The Internet is perfect for that. Even with publishing a couple things a year in print, it takes months for the process from creation to publication. Then there’s the question of who buys print anymore, etc. This medium is ideal, instant, even if it doesn’t leave a physical trace in the world.
I’ve never had a particular aesthetic, no signature style. I haven’t stuck to a theme for longer than the length of your most unfavorable dream. God, what a genuine nightmare my life would be if I had to. I thrive in changes, whether it’s my appearance or the project I’m working on or the space in the world I’m living in—I need movement. The Internet gives me that luxury. The Internet is constant movement.
I prefer to hold art. I love the feeling of a solid glass lens clicking into place, the smell of a fresh print. I write in cursive with a heavy weighted pen on lined paper that I carry everywhere in my bag. I sew my clothing, I sketch ideas on the backs of my hands, as I type this there’s a 5-foot canvas staring at me from across the room that I’ve been working on in-between story writing.
But you aren’t in this room, you almost certainly couldn’t read my handwriting. You’re here, on the Internet, scrolling through my photos and reading my poems. If I’m lucky, something you’ve come across here made you pause. Made you feel something, or remember something else. For that, I can ignore the mild nausea from the unknown of who will someday use these words and photos for what. For that, I feel deep gratitude and want to sincerely thank you for taking a moment to share my art with me.