New Short Story in Print: Drive Through Gods

My short story ‘Drive Through Gods’ originally written in Chuck Palahniuk’s 2017 writing workshop hosted by the Attic Institute of Arts and Letters was published and became available this October in the Running Wild Anthology of Stories: Volume 5 by Running Wild Press.

The story begins on pare 103 of the 600+ page anthology. This author suggests supporting a bookstore local to Portland, Oregon, specifically where much of her story was edited: the café of Powell’s Bookstore, by purchasing through them if you would like a copy.

For the fifth year in a row, Running Wild Press brings together fantastic stories from well-established to up-and-coming authors to bring you the best cross genre stories that don’t fit neatly in a box. This collection is comprised of 39 stories that arrived at Running Wild Press from all over the world from Hawaii to India, from Indiana to Scotland, and represents an eclectic gathering of storytelling talent. With twists and turns, these stories will take you through shared – and unshared – experiences of human endeavors, possibilities, impossibilities, and imagination.

New Poems: Sequence in a Regional Anthology, reached #1 in Amazon New Releases

In November I was asked to write a feature set for the Portland Poet’s Society anthology, ‘You, Me, & The End Of The World’ which is now available. The chapbook-length collection of my poems tells a story in a 15 part sequence, starting on page 71. I hope you will grab a copy to support the collective and check out the other featured artists’ work.

An eclectic collection of poets from the Greater Seacoast area. An Anthology of resounding voices rising from the underground of the East Coast poetry and art scene. In this book you’ll find testaments of abstraction from the minds of young visionaries mainly in the form of free verse poetry. Their takes on heartache, heartbreak, and existentialism. Reader be warned, for this book will satiate your brain’s hunger for entertainment while simultaneously leaving you hungry for more. Mind Blown from cover to cover.

As a lyric poem is a center of intensity in a single moment in time, the sequence is a single moment in time that is an intersection of many centers of intensity.

Portland Poet’s Society is active among the Instagram poetry community, and hosts a monthly prompted contest open to all.
Check out what they do here.

Update, March 4th 2021: The book today reached #1 on Amazon’s new release list!

New Poem: Printed on Products!

My poem Well-Oiled Rail Wheel-set received the honor of being chosen for the first iteration of literary coffee mugs printed and sold by the good people over at The Lit Mug.

You can literally consume my newest poem, by ordering yourself a mug. There’s no other way to read it, and really, why would you want another way? This is easily one of the coolest niche publications I’ve ever done with my work, and the editors have been so wonderful to work with.

Support them, support art, sip some of my words.

BOOK: Hardcover Edition of With Only

My poetry collection, With Only Which She Could Carry, is now available in hard cover! You can get a copy of this special edition wherever you prefer to purchase books, including directly from me.

Yes! This is a double announcement, sharing both the news of the hardcover edition and news that I now have an online store front on my website, where you can buy signed copies of my books directly from me.

When you choose to shop somewhere like Amazon, sometimes you get a deal (they control discounts since they can afford to make less) and two day shipping (the warehouses are everywhere now.) When you buy directly from an author, publisher, or even your local independent bookstore, you’re putting food on someone’s table, gifts in someones stocking, and making a small but mighty protest against billionaire corporations. I may never be rich dying on this hill, but it’s where I want to be. Shop local, shop, shop like your not just buying a gift for someone else, but also giving a gift to the small business or artist you’re buying from. I can guarantee it means the world to them.

POEM: “Romance”

My new poem Romance can be found in the charity anthology Essential from UWA. Scroll down to read it, and then please consider picking up a copy to support independent bookstores, an essential part of our communities, for $10 on Amazon.

Written by 55 creatives during the covid-19 pandemic, this anthology of poetry and micro fiction was created to raise money for independent bookstores during the economic crisis caused by the novel virus. It includes the work of writers from around the world that range in experience from one poet’s first time publication, to a poet laureate’s latest.  Every bit of it has been deemed essential.

Second in Gallery Show – Mixed Media

Mixed Media Art: “La Infanta Traficasteis de Las Meninas”, ARTivism Postcard Project.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 2.24.10 PM

My piece took second place in a juried art show. The award money was donated to Jane Doe Inc. to support survivors of assault and trafficking. The piece is collaged with various magazine scraps, digital embellishments, and the child from the famous 1656 painting, Las Meninas.


The ARTivism Initiative: Postcard Project is a juried gallery show, hosted at ātac: downtown arts and music in Framingham, MA in Spring, 2020. The ARTivism Initiative: Postcard Project provides a platform for local artists to actively address causes they are passionate about by use of art + activism + standard mail. Artists are invited to create postcard designs which confront social issues (of all kinds) that they are passionate about using a 4×6” canvas. 

With Only Which She Could Carry: a poetry collection

Grand prize winner of the 2019 UWA book contest, With Only Which She Could Carry is a collection of poems chronicling transient characters trying to establish lives in multiple spaces at the same time, existing everywhere and nowhere at once. The author invites you to read, consider, and imagine a life lived out of terminals, stations, and the ether. Consider the motions of a life pressed through these turnstiles and what shapes might be formed of you from it. Consider what you might take and leave behind.

Whether it’s how the higher education system has left the entertainer disillusioned on the path to self discovery, or the way wonders of the unknown ripple through the wayfarer in solitude, the stories woven between these poems share a heart. A nuanced look at life in limbo.

ISBN: 9780578637174

Publication date: Feb 25 2020

On sale: March 4 2020

Click the banner to purchase:


The collection will be available anywhere books are sold, but the publisher gently encourages all online orders are placed through IndieBound, a partner of the American Booksellers Association that keeps small bookstores in business and indie publishers like UWA thriving.

Additionally, please consider asking a book shop in your area to order the book for you; by ordering through a brick and mortar, that store receives a share of profit from the sale, helping keep them in business and bookstores in our communities. 

Underground Writers Association is an indie non-profit dedicated to making big splashes and bringing bold book projects into the literary world.