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Turner has written for nationwide selling publishers, non-profits, filmmakers, artists, record labels, acclaimed international musicians, small businesses, and alongside New York Times’ best-selling authors. She currently writes internal communications for a national retailer with an audience of over 20,000. Turner holds the terminal degree for her field and the PSM I

This webpage showcases writing samples and other digital content she has produced for a variety of editorial, marketing, HR, IT, freelance and contract roles since 2010.

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Noteworthy Project Spotlights:

Art Direction

I was the Art Director for the historic Boston documentary: Chet’s Last Call. The role included creating product designs, this poster, recreating pieces from the original bar, digital art, set design, providing creative direction in post and marketing / promotional work.

Making Words Sing

Guest Lectures
& Public Presentations

My most recent guest lecture took place at Western Connecticut State University’s MFA Summer Residency

At the end of the day,

when the many hats I wear & all the roles I take on come off & are put on a shelf or a hook for the night, I remain at heart a storyteller.

One who will use whatever medium makes the most sense to reach the right audience in the most accessible and honest way. If you found my story interesting, I’d love to hear yours and see about creating something rad together.

Be well, Nic