Artist’s Statement



Ah, man. A full on author/artist website in the world of social profiles, huh? Look, I can’t stand social media; the daily one-up parade and soapbox war noise, the ad monster it makes of old friends blinded by MLM rhetoric…is this the modern old lady’s ‘get off my lawn’? And how do I make peace with this and the state of publishing—the expectation that artists and authors have brands and platforms and promote our private lives as ‘relatable’ ‘content’ for ‘reach’ e.g. buzzword ourselves into products…

I grew up when the Internet was also growing up, so while I’ve narrowly avoided new platforms for oversharing, my life has been intertwined with enough as is. I’ve had my identity stolen by someone that took a luxury vacation on my credit, I’ve taken my life back from a stalker in court; these situations have resolved but I can only imagine what data is out there that I’ve lost track or control of, and who is using it or who will and for what. With social media now, I just feel like that neighbor I grew up down the street from, shaking her cane at cars as they drove by, yelling at them to slow down.

I would love to connect with every reader of my work, but social media just seems like a flashy Las Vegas marketing illusion, and an open door for abuse. Short of meeting up for a coffee, joining each other in workshops and readings, I don’t know how to bridge this gap. I have a hesitant desire to participate, but struggle with the authenticity of it all. Rather, the apparent lack of. That’s why I leave Twitter open on my laptop, and hope it’s enough to be…what’s the buzzword… relevant.

I really just want to say thanks.

Thank you for taking the time to be here despite my lack of Daily Instagram Poetry or Facebook Live readings. I feel deep gratitude for where this life has landed, and want to sincerely thank you for taking a moment to share my art with me, even if I am a scared old lady clutching my pen like a cane. It means the world to me that folks care about my words and put my books on their shelves. My digital presence may be quiet, my promotional posts may be awkward and uncomfortable, but my heart is full. Your support makes the road a little less noisy to walk along.