Nicole Jean Turner

An artist of many mediums, and a lover of words.

Nicole Jean Turner is an artist of many mediums, currently enrolled in a Masters program for writing at Regis College in Weston, MA. She graduated a year early from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY in 2014, where she received her BA with a major in philosophy and minors in creative writing and fine arts. Turner is known for her work in photography and for her reputation as a slam poet, both of which are fields in which she has published work in.


Turner currently lives just west of Boston, Massachusetts, where she is an editorial intern at Union Park Press. She also spends time working on Hemetera Literary Journal, tutoring, and photographing events. Before college, Turner studied computer programing and web design in which she received a vocational certificate. Turner has received awards for both her poetry and her computer programming abilities, but she currently is looking to build a career in publishing. Turner enjoys meditation, walking her dog, and wearing mismatched socks.


The purpose for this webpage is to provide information and updates on my work in writing, photography, and the visual arts.


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