Digital Chapbook: Snails & Elephants

On May 5th 2020 I quietly published a digital chapbook to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited platform for free downloads following National Poetry Month. It reached #8 in women’s poetry, and at the time of writing this has 16 reviews averaging 5 stars. You can borrow the chapbook for free through KU or purchase it for aContinue reading “Digital Chapbook: Snails & Elephants”

With Only Which She Could Carry: a poetry collection

Grand prize winner of the 2019 UWA book contest, With Only Which She Could Carry is a collection of poems chronicling transient characters trying to establish lives in multiple spaces at the same time, existing everywhere and nowhere at once. The author invites you to read, consider, and imagine a life lived out of terminals,Continue reading “With Only Which She Could Carry: a poetry collection”